Sally Williamson

The lyrics of "What did I say?".

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Some words are loving
Some full of hate
Some lift us up, some knock down and berate
Some words bring peace where no peace can be found
Some words are empty, just meaningless sound

Where do they come from, these powerful tools?
One day we're wisemen, another fools
Our words will make plain what is inside our heart
They give us away, they set us apart

Oh....what did I say you today?
Oh....what's left unsaid?

Words can condemn us, accuse when we're wrong
Words can elate us and fill us with song
Words can bring life, words can bring death

May the words of my lips and the thoughts of my heart
Be acceptable to You in every part
And when I'm afraid to say what is right
Then give me some courage to stand for the light




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