Sally Williamson

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1. The Labyrinth

On a visit to Gloucester Cathedral, we found a labyrinth printed on cloth was covering the floor. The circular path led from the outer edge to the centre and back again. I took off my shoes and began a prayerful walk.

2. Made to last

Written for the wedding of my 'friend like a sister' Jill and her lovely partner Jan (Yarn). I wanted to present them with a recording of this song, and then I thought I would like to do more recordings, so I got busy writing.

3. The grass is greener

I do count my blessings, but I'm good at counting other people's too! In Proverbs it says,"Envy rots the bones" It's all too easy to think I will be happy when...

4. People watching

I wrote this sitting by a pub window in London.I always want to know other people's stories.I'm fascinated by how wrong first impressions can be!

5. In your shoes

Empathy is a wonderful thing!

6. Same forever

Written for Esther and Andy's wedding in 1990. The song talks about how God never changes, and is always there for us. He was there at our creation, and knows us completely

7. Slow down

Life can just be too busy!

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8. Drops of rain

The drops of rain on the window distract the woman from the beauty beyond. This is a song about getting things in perspective.

9. Same again

I often wonder what people are really thinking.In this song, I just wanted to reassure my beloved that I have no regrets!

10.The Music

Written after a concert of Indian music


When you think you might lose someone, you begin to appreciate each day, even each hour that you have. This is my prayer, that life won't rush by, but that we savour it, and give thanks to God for it, and experience the giving and receiving of joy!


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