Sally Williamson

The lyrics of "Looking for answers".

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Looking for answers
The questions are clear
What does it mean?
Why are we here?
Mirrored so dimly
Shadows I see
Beyond the blurred edges
Must be clarity

Who can reach us?
Who can teach us?
Who can tell us what it means?
Who will guide us and provide us
With the arm on which to lean?
Do you feel you need some answers?
Can we make it on own?
When we reach the destination
Will it feel like coming home?

Buddha, Mohammed
Krishna, Jesus
Each with a message
But where will they lead us?
Heaven, Nirvana
Rebirth or none
Does it all finish
When we've all gone?

Who can reach us...



And I'm looking for answers
Here's one I believe
The Lord is my Shepherd
He came looking for me
Questions unanswered
Remain at my door
One thing I'm sure of
There will be more

Who can reach us...

And I'm looking for answers
I've found quite a few
I've chosen my hero
The sky's looking blue

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