Sally Williamson

The lyrics of "Anniversary".

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You know the question that you asked me yesterday
And I said, "Yes", and turned to walk away
And then you caught me with a look no words can say
And I knew just what you meant

And after 7 years I really have no doubt
That when I look back, when my days have all run out
And think of what my life with you was all about
I will know just what it meant

7 years is like a day
I often think it feels that way
But look at all the life we've known
And how much closer we have grown

And God in heaven, He has brought us to this day
And on the day that we began to walk this way
I knew that we would mean each word that we would say
Here's to the days that lay ahead



7 years....
And I will know just what it meant
Everyday with you is Heaven sent

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